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Does it matter if the artist I want to hire is from a different country?

Absolutely not! As long as you have a mutual language to communicate in then everything should be fine! That is the great thing about Freehand. You can explore talent from all over the globe and get the best design for you.

What are digital mockups?

All Freehand artists have access to our exclusive library of 3D human body models in various skin tones. They can place your tattoo design onto these image templates and you will have a better idea of the size of your design and how it might wrap around your body.

Can an artist reject my order request?

Yes, ultimately artists have the right to refuse an order before it starts.

What does ‘inactive’ mean on an artists profile?

This means that specific service is currently not available to order. You can contact the artist directly to find out when they will be opening up the service again. Any services listed as active are ready to order straight away.

What happens if I don’t like my tattoo design?

You can request revisions to your design based on how many revisions are included with your order. You can find that information out in your order details. Clear and polite communication with your artist is essential to get a tattoo design that you are happy with.

Do I pay my artist directly?

All payments are made through the Freehand site via the order page, and all buyers pay for their tattoo design in advance. This is for your own safety as Freehand will not be able to assist you if you pay your tattoo designer outside of the website.

How do I download my tattoo design?

You may see previews of your art during the order within the chat but after your order is complete go to your order details. From there, click ‘Download Design’ to get the high resolution version of your tattoo design without watermarks.

Will I receive the source file for my tattoo design?

Check the service details or your order details to see if the source file is included with your order. This is the artists choice when creating a service.

Why is the price different for each body part?

This is because artists may have to work on a much larger design for a piece that is intended to be tattooed as a full arm sleeve opposed to a small neck tattoo, for example. It is important you select the appropriate body part when placing an order so your artist knows how much detail they can fit into the tattoo design and how it will be shaped on your body.

How do I get more orders?

You can increase the chance of being found by potential buyers by uploading more of your work to your profile portfolio. All of the images you upload are added to our explore page and will be eligible to appear in searches. Make sure to accurately describe each piece and select the correct tags.

How should I price my services?

Freehand is an open marketplace so you have control over what you would like to charge for your services. It is expected to charge more for designs intended to go on larger body parts such as back pieces or full sleeves.

How do I appear on the Featured Artists section of the homepage?

We manually choose some of the best artist profiles to be featured on our homepage. We consider quality of work, the amount of positive reviews, if social media links are included and high quality profile images. We rotate the selected artists frequently.

Can I temporarily pause my services?

Yes! Go to your profile page, click the service you would like to pause and click ‘deactivate’. This will mean buyers will not be able to place an order until you reactivate the service.

Can I report a false review?

Only buyers who have completed an order are eligible to leave a review on your profile. If you believe a review to be false or abusive you can write to us on the contact page.

What percentage does Freehand take from each order?

Freehand takes a flat 12% from each order which allows us to improve and grow the platform. We are proud to offer such a simple and competitive rate for artists.

Still need help? Write to us.