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10 Amazing Tattoo Ideas With Deep Meaning

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"What does your tattoo mean?" It's a question almost everyone with a tattoo gets multiple times. Some people are okay with their tattoo not having a deep meaning but others prefer to have a story and background behind their tattoo. We have made a list of ideas to inspire you to get a deep and meaningful tattoo design. Remember, there is a lot of subjectivity around this topic and what means something to you might mean less or more to another person. 


Getting a custom tattoo design for these kind of tattoos is especially important. Generic ones tend to have less impact and meaning. For that reason we would suggest trying to get a tattoo design that is very specific to your life and your story.


1. Children or family name tattoos



Let's start with one of the most popular ones you may see in day to day life. You can't go wrong or regret getting your son or daughters name tattooed. The meaning to this explains itself and this is a safe option for people who want their tattoo to mean something deep. 



2. Dog and pet tattoos



I think we can all agree that our pets are part of the family and we build deep connections with them over time. Why not get a tattoo to symbolise your animal? 



3. Heartbeat tattoos



Even though these subtle tattoos can be small, it doesn't mean they don't pack a punch in relation to their meaning. Heartbeat tattoos are becoming more popular as a way to show your connection to another person without getting a portrait of them for example. All you need is a copy of their heartbeat sensor and you can take this straight to a tattooist to ink onto you. Why not get a line of text added to the heartbeat like the example above to add even more personalisation and increasing the deep meaning of the tattoo. 



4. Connecting tattoos



Connecting tattoos are great for couples especially. You can get a super deep meaningful tattoo by your partner getting one half of the tattoo and you, the other half. When you put your skin together the tattoo takes shape and the full design is shown in it's entireity. The meaning behind this is obvious. Without eachother you are incomplete just like your tattoo. 



5. Meaningful date tattoos



What are some of the more important dates in your life? The birth of your child? The day you moved to a new country? The date of your wedding? It can be anything really. Marking this date with permanent ink on your body is a great way to show just how much that occasion means to you. These tattoos are also flexible due to their size. They can be placed anywhere on the body pretty much. 



6. Coordinate tattoos



Just like the previous idea, what are some of the most important places in your life? Maybe the town you grew up in? The place that you met your spouse? Your most memorable holiday even? You can find out the coordinates of this area and get a cool design created around them. You can even hire a designer on our website to turn these coordinates into an extra special design that is not just the plain numbers. For example take a look at this design which has the scenery of the location built around the coordinate numbers.



7. Semicolon tattoo



What does the semicolon tattoo mean? This symbol (;) is used as a message of awareness against important things such as depression, anxiety, suicide and depression. It can also be related to other mental health issues. This tattoo is becoming very popular as the whole world becomes more aware of mental health problems and the semicolon tattoo holds an extremely deep meaning to thousands of people. 



8. Religious tattoos



Religious themed tattoos have been around forever. Even people who are not religious can often be seen with the cross inked on them. To many, their faith and religion is the most important thing in their life so getting a tattoo that is relevant to that religion can mean a lot. 



9. Quote tattoos



Do you have a favourite quote? Or maybe a quote that holds extra meaning to you and your life? Sometimes quote tattoos can be seen as a little cheesy but if they mean something to you then who cares? Quote tattoos with deep meaning can be impactul and empowering. You can even hire a custom tattoo designer on our website to create you a hand lettering design of the quote so that you do not just have a regular and common font.



10. One word tattoos



These style of tattoos are probably one of the biggest trends in the tattoo world at the moment. They have a deep meaning to them but are different for everyone.  Each word may hold special place in someones heart and have a specific connection to them. They are typically designed in very minimal and clean fonts with a lot of spacing in between each letter. Commonly found on the inner forearm or hands. 



Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are thinking about an idea for your next deep meaning tattoo:


Who do you love the most?

Where did your favorite memories happen?

What struggles have you overcame in your life?

What words mean the most to you?

What is your biggest driving factor in life?


If you can answer any of these things honestly then you should have a few base ideas already. You can expand from there by adding hyper personalised features which will make the tattoo especially unique to you. That is important with deep meaning tattoos because the more specific to you, the better they are. According to The Guardian, getting a tattoo that means something to you can heal the mind and and encourage self-love for your body.


Find anything in this list that gives you inspiration for your next tattoo? Contact a designer on Freehand to turn your idea into a real drawing and envision what your tattoo will look like before making an appointment at a tattoo studio in real life. Make sure your next tattoo is a deep and meaningful one without the pressure of walking into a tattoo shop.

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