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How to get more customers on Freehand?

Hello everyone, my name is Beau and I am the founder of Freehand. I've created a quick guide on how you can attract more customers on our platform and maximise your earnings. 



Use your Instagram bio. 

When you register as an artist, you will get a unique profile page link containing your username.


⮕ Copy your profile link.

⮕ Paste it into your Instagram bio.


Your existing audience will now see that you are available for hire to draw custom tattoo designs. This example, by Cat is perfect. It's also a good way to monetise followers who are not able get a tattoo in real life from you, due to differences in location.

If you already use Linktree or a similar service, then you can also add your Freehand profile link there, like Vlad.



Set your prices.

It's really important to make sure your profile displays your prices. Buyers scan profiles very quickly and if the pricing information is not visible, they may not take action and you will lose their attention.


To set your prices you need to connect your bank account. 


⮕ Click your profile picture.

⮕ Click wallet.

⮕ Follow bank setup instructions.


Next, make sure you have created a service. 


⮕ Go to your profile page.

⮕ Click ‘add new service’.

⮕ Select the style of your service.

⮕ Write an enticing description and add a thumbnail.

⮕ Select whats included and choose a delivery time.


Now that your service is created, you can add prices.


⮕ Click ‘add new price’.

⮕ You can set different prices for each body part. For example a full sleeve design should cost more than a smaller ankle or hand design.

Buyers can order directly from this service page.

When they place an order they will be prompted to submit their design idea. You can choose to accept or reject the order at this stage. If you receive a message enquiry instead, you can discuss the project with the client and then share the service link with your customer so they can pay. 



Use attractive thumbnails.

Ideally, there should be a difference between your service and portfolio images. This is not required but it is suggested.


Your portfolio images should be examples of previous designs you have made. They can be drawings or real tattoos. 


Your service image should be a thumbnail that makes buyers want to click and explains what you are offering. See example below:

This will help buyers understand they are not buying the image in the service. It displays that they are buying your service as an artist. 



Write a personal bio.

Buyers like to know who they are hiring. Make sure you write a little bit about who you are, your experience and why they should hire you. 

This is a great example by Jay. It's the perfect length and has a good balance of information about himself and his profession.



Ask customers to leave a rating.

We already prompt buyers to leave a rating when the order is complete but you can improve the chances of them doing so by sending them a quick message after. Having multiple ratings shows future customers that you are trustworthy.



If you apply all of these tips I am confident your profile will receive more engagement and orders. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us anytime and we will be happy to help.  

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