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12 Matching Couple Tattoos: Take Relationship To Next Level!

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Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Come with us as we share some of the best couple tattoos you should consider to strengthen the bond with your partner! Go out of your way and choose these unusual and impulsive matching tattoos to cement your relationship and give it a new meaning. Matching tattoos are a way of celebrating your love and getting something that uniquely resonates with your relationship. In this post, we have shared twelve such matching tattoos that couples should definitely check out. So without wasting time, let’s get into the content!


1. Lion and Lioness Couples Tattoo

Check out this cool lion and lioness tattoo with half of the face shown on each. These are popular tattoo choices. Cute couple tattoos are generally small tattoos that you can have almost anywhere on your body. We recommend you get it on your wrists or fingers or shoulders. These tattoos attract a lot of ‘aww’s and make you feel the special connection you have with your loved one!


2. Couple finger tattoos

Don’t you love finger tattoos? We absolutely adore them as these are one of the best couple tattoo ideas that are small and cute. Most importantly, these tattoos come with endless possibilities. You can ink almost anything — famous lines from your favorite poems, cartoons, initials of your names, or just go for a heart! We suggest you get tattoos that sync when you two move your hands. It gives the tattoo a playful vibe. The two sides of the heart come together to make one full loveheart in this specific example.


3. Ring finger tattoos

Ring finger tattoos deserve a special mention on this list of spectacular matching couple tattoos. Why? Well, don’t we all know the significance of the ring finger? The fourth finger on your left hand has a vein that runs directly to your heart, and guess who’s in your heart — your loved one! The Romans called it the ‘vena amoris’ or the vein of love. All this makes a ring finger tattoo so significant!


4. Pure love tattoos

Oh so pure are these couple love tattoos that you just can’t resist the temptation to have them. Love is often synonymous with heart. And these couple matching tattoos don’t fail the symbolism. Are you a romantic and sentimental couple? Then you should definitely get these love tattoos. These are minimalistic and simple yet powerfully reflect the love you have for each other. 


5. King and queen tattoos

These couple matching tattoos are self-explanatory. For the Kings and Queens reading this post, we present the tattoos that’d give your body the royal touch it deserves. King and Queen matching tattoos reflect the bond you have with your beloved. Not only that, these tattoos showcase the fun side of your relationship!


6. Matching quotes tattoos

We all love meaningful and quirky quotes, isn’t it? Why not extend your love for quotes to give your relationship a new meaning? Not just a quote, you can tattoo your favorite dialogue of a movie, a poem, or a popular saying that makes sense to you. We suggest you get half of the quote tattooed on each of you so that the quote is complete only when you are together. Tell us a better way to flaunt your love connection!


7. Sun and Moon Couples Tattoo

Want to try something different? Why not go for these cool couple tattoos? The sun and moon symbolise a very romantic feeling. The best part of them is that the traditional elements are well carved and designed to give the matching couple tattoos a modern look. These small couple tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but this example on the wrist looks pretty cool!


8. ‘For infinity’ tattoos

Matching couple tattoos for eternity! Go for the never-ending loop of love with these unique couple tattoos. The infinity tattoos represent the eternal love you share with your loved ones. Moreover, these matching couple tattoos symbolize limitless love. These are gender-neutral tattoos too!


9. Disney couple tattoos

We all loved Disney cartoons back when we were kids. Disney made us feel at home (they still do). Why not breathe life into the hidden child we all have inside with these Disney couple tattoos? Not just that, these tattoos are a cool way to tell your partner that they make you feel young. 


10. Yin Yang tattoos

Two different pieces fit together to create the meaning of life — that’s Yin Yang for you. The concept easily transcends into the tattoo world too! While Yin reflects the feminine side of the tattoo, Yang is considered masculine. For couples, this is a perfect opportunity to use a centuries-old concept to showcase the love they have for each other!


11. Puzzle piece tattoos

Don’t get puzzled by these matching couple tattoos! These are an apt inspiration for couples that fit perfectly with each other. You can get puzzle-piece couple tattoos almost anywhere on your body. Think about them as a symbol of the connection you share with your partner — showing them that they were the missing piece in your life!


12. Simple classic tattoos

Don’t want your matching couple tattoos to be fancy? Go for simple and minimalistic tattoos. These matching couple tattoos are small and have minimal shading. These are quite symbolic and romantic and don’t take much time to get tattooed. 


Thinking about getting a couples tattoo? Hire a tattoo designer on our website and get them to draw your idea. You can show this to your partner and decide if you want to get it inked or not. We have hundreds of tattoo designers available for custom tattoo designs.


Final remarks!

Matching tattoos are certainly a rare sight. But, these do have one thing in common — love. Now that you have gone through so many matching tattoo ideas, would you go for one? Well, it’s entirely your decision. We highly recommend getting matching tattoos as these add value to your relationship. Which matching tattoo design did you like the most?  Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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