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10 Perfect Mandala Tattoos You'll Never Regret Getting!

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What are mandalas? These are essentially geometric compilations of symbols that are aligned in a circular shape. The meaning of mandalas is quite unique to the geometric compilations. However, most mandalas typically symbolize balance, eternity, and perfection. You will often find cultures using mandalas within their religious scriptures to spread the idea of balance and eternity.


In Hinduism, mandalas reflect focus. In Buddhism, they symbolize the balance of body and mind. You might even find mandalas in the artwork within churches!


It’s because of these reasons people find mandala tattoos quite fascinating. They use mandala tattoos to represent their admiration for ideas like internal balance, soul, and eternity. Are you too looking for a mandala tattoo? You have landed on the right page. Here we will share a list of ten perfect mandala tattoos designs that’ll inspire your next ink. Let’s get started!


1. Half Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are exceptionally symmetric. Many tattoo artists go ahead and cut the mandalas into several segments and use them in their designs. The segments can then be used to fit in different places. However, the artist should try playing with the different detailing possibilities. It helps fill the white space and make the tattoo look complete.


2. Shoulder Mandala Tattoo

We are really impressed by the versatility of mandala tattoos. Why? You can easily adapt the design to create an excellent sleeve cap or a shoulder tattoo. Mandalas unbelievably take the shape of the shoulder — making the shoulder a focal point for your tattoo. 


3. Dotwork Mandala Tattoo

If you are into minimalism, we have a mandala tattoo design that will match perfectly with your style and personality. Check out this dotwork mandala tattoo design that gives your body part a delicate touch. Not just that, the design has detailed dotwork instead of regular lines. 


4. Face Mandala Tattoo

Do you have a bold personality? Why not go for a more daring tattoo design then? This face mandala tattoo looks great on the side face and neck. Don’t worry, the design can be positioned whichever way you prefer. After all, mandala tattoos give this freedom to all artists. Such a unique tattoo design, isn’t it?


5. Upper Arm Mandala Tattoo

Indeed, getting a whole sleeve done with a mandala tattoo isn’t a bad idea. But, people that don’t want the sleeve can also go for half mandala, especially for their upper arm. We have found that the upper arm isn’t so round and can be easily tattooed without compromising the quality of the mandala design.


6. Simplified Mandala Tattoos

As discussed earlier, you can use the mandala by segmenting the different elements. Here is a fine example of a mandala that has been broken down and used on an ear. Check out how the artist has used the petals and dots intricately to make the tattoo design look elegant.


7. Intricate Mandala Tattoo

Here’s a mandala tattoo design that takes dotwork to a whole new level. The artist has worked hard to create an intricate design using mandala patterns. There are no lines on the tattoo. Such compactions and thickness make the tattoo look nearer to god!


8. Rose + Mandala Tattoo

Mandala also signifies balance in nature. Tattoo artists use this connection to create designs that are for nature lovers like us. Here’s a tattoo where the artist linked the mandala with a rose and still keeps the tattoo design realistic! Truly a work of art!


9. Armband Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas never disappoint when used for designing tattoos, especially for armbands. It is easier to design the tattoo as an armband and also provide a focal point — drawing attention to the tattoo. Moreover, armband tattoos lay an excellent foundation for adding extra details in the future.


10. Personalized Mandala Tattoo

Last on the list, we have personalized mandala tattoos. These tattoo designs ditch the traditional mandala looks and add whimsical elements — giving the design a personalized touch. It is a perfect way of using traditional mandalas and making them your own.


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Mandala artwork and its transition into body art have stood the test of time. Such designs will keep evolving for the years to come. The best thing about mandala tattoos is that they give the artist the freedom to personalize the designs and match the client’s personality. Which of the above mandala tattoos would you shortlist for your next ink? Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog.


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