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Freehand Update 3

I wanted to share some updates with you guys regarding what's new with Freehand. We have been super busy trying to improve the platform for you. As always, if you have any specific feedback or bug reports then please reach out to us directly by email or on social media. 



One of the biggest changes since we launched the website. Previously, customers would see the artists local currency and this was confusing for people. It's not common for American people to understand Romanian or Hungarian currencies for instance. Instead of being forced to use a conversion tool, the price is now displayed in USD directly on the website. You can also select the currency of your preference in the header of the website. Amazing, right? 😄


Artists will still set up their prices in their local currency. 



Loading speed

We have improved the loading speed for the website drastically. This is especially noticeable on mobile devices so you should have a better time browsing the site 🙌 


We've done this by moving to CDN and changing how large images are displayed on the website. Some boring technical stuff! 



Explore page

We have changed the way the explore page works. Now it only displays data from artists who have completed their profiles and added prices to their page. This means your portfolio items and profile will not show up in the explore page for customers unless you have completed the setup process. 


This is intended to make the customer experience smoother as users will not have empty or half complete profiles appearing in their search results. 


To make sure your profile appears in the explore page then please complete your profile including adding pricing. See a full guide on how to optimise your profile here

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