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Freehand Update 2

Congratulations to all of the artists who have received orders from customers over the last month. 5 star ratings all round! We have been listening to your feedback and making changes that are intended to improve your experience on the platform. Remember you can reach out to us anytime if you have any comments. 





  • Created a separate landing page for artists. This better explains how the platform will work for sellers. Share this page with your fellow artists who might be interested in signing up. It also details all of the benefits that tattoo designers have by being a part of the community.



  • Added Greek and Hungarian as language options to display on your profile. If applicable, you can update these in your profile settings now.


  • We have simplified the social links part of your profile. Now instead of having to enter the full link, just type in your username. You may have to go back into your profile settings and update this. 


  • Installed a live chat widget so that users can get real-time support from a human. 



Coming soon:

We are making a change that will allow buyers to see prices in their local currency and not the artists currency. This is to avoid confusion when American customers come across Hungarian or Romanian pricing for example. This should be ready within a few weeks and simplify things for everyone. 

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