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Custom Tattoos vs Flash Tattoos

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Go ahead! Tell us ways of self-expression and we bet well-designed tattoos can beat them all. And the reason is simple - tattoos become a part of your life and reflect some of the most significant moments you’ve had yet. Moreover, they are fun to have and show off! If you want to have something tattooed on your body, we recommend you understand the difference between custom tattoos and flash tattoos. After all, it is better to enter the local tattoo parlor with your homework done just right.
Flash tattoos are suitable if you are looking for a quick and small tattoo. It’s great if you don’t want something significant tattooed on yourself. These are small and fun. Go for custom tattoos if you want something extraordinary and personal tattooed on your body. But, there’s a lot more you need to know before choosing between the two.

What are Custom Tattoos?

Custom tattoos, as the name suggests, are tattoos explicitly customized to the customers’ preferences. In other words, these are the tattoos that you and the tattoo artist design together. Custom tattoo designs are often unique to the customer as they hold special meaning. These are generally larger tattoos that require a lot of time to design and finish. Since these tattoos are customized and can require multiple sessions, they are usually more expensive as well. However, you can still have a one-of-a-kind tattoo regardless of its size. Let’s discuss how custom tattoos are designed, shall we?

How are Custom Tattoos made?

Custom tattooing is an art, and it’s crucial you know what to expect. Once you connect with a professional tattoo artist (after proper research) for your one-of-a-kind tattoo, you will discuss the design and size of the tattoo. The artist will then consider the body part where you will have the tattoo to ensure a proper flow and fit. Once that is done, tattoo artists research the subject matter to understand the design better and perfect the finished product. They will then compose a design based on your idea, usually on an ipad but it depends. The process of getting a custom tattoo is time-consuming. But it’s definitely worth the wait.

You can actually hire an artist right here on Freehand to draw your idea! Then show this design to a tattooist in real life so they will understand what you want. Explore all of our artists here. 

What are Flash Tattoos?

‘Flash tattoos,’ ‘market flash,’ and ‘collector flash’ are the tattoo designs that you will often find hanging on the walls of a tattoo parlor. This is because these are popular designs and most people want to walk in and have them on their bodies. These are generic tattoo designs that artists can complete in one sitting. Remember: flash tattoos are not unique tattoos, and you might come across people having the same tattoo as you.

How are Flash Tattoos made?

Flash tattoos have an exciting history as sailors and men of the military often got down to ports to have something symbolic drawn on their bodies. They usually went for a distinguishing mark that would make them feel connected to their tribe or clan. Today, flash tattoos are a craze, and people love to spend money on such compulsive ventures. All you have to do is enter a tattoo parlor! The tattoo artist will share a portfolio of common tattoo designs he can finish in a sitting. Once you choose the tattoo design, he will prepare the part of the body where he’ll put it down. That’s pretty much it! Flash tattoos are usually made in the traditional style as seen here. 

Which tattoo style should you choose - custom or flash?

Here’s the question in everyone’s mind - “Which tattoo should I go for - custom or flash?” Well, custom tattoos demand a lot of patience from the customer. Coming up with a unique design, visiting the tattoo artist multiple times a week, and ensuring the tattoo stays clean - custom tattoos can be a little tiring. That is why we suggest hiring a tattoo designer on our website beforehand. However, if you are not specific about what you want, you can always go for flash tattoos and satisfy your itch. So, the answer to the question depends entirely on how much time you have in hand and the kind of design you are after.,

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There you have it. Both the tattoo styles are great. Therefore, the decision to choose between custom and flash tattoos comes down to your personal preferences. Although you are now well acquainted with the differences, we suggest you chat with a professional tattoo artist before getting the job done. Loved reading this post? Don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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