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White Ink Tattoos: Trend or Trash? Real Benefits and Drawbacks!

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White ink tattoos look exotic, don’t they? Made out of white ink, this form of body art is not common on the streets but is quickly gaining the spotlight. Known for their aesthetic appeal and uniqueness, these tattoos come with their share of drawbacks that one must consider before getting them done. In this extensive post, we discuss the pros and cons of white ink tattoos in detail. Stay till the very end because we also have a tattoo care routine that you can follow from home!


White ink tattoos have the benefit of looking extremely exotic and subtle at the same time. They fade with your skin color and have a softer appearance. However, these tattoos are not easy to design or take care of. Not just that, people might mistake them for scars! Keep reading because there’s so much more you need to know.


Pros of getting a white ink tattoo

Now that you know what white ink tattoos are, let’s dive deeper and figure out why people like getting them in the first place. Here are the pros of getting a white ink tattoo:


  • Helps make a statement

You might think that white ink tattoos are quite common but this cannot be further from the truth. Go out with a white ink tattoo on your body and people will tell you they haven’t seen one before! The uniqueness of these tattoos helps you make a statement of your own. These look classy although they don’t have a range of designs as wide as you can get with black tattoos.


  • Has a softer appearance

White ink tattoos are quite subtle and have a softer appearance. This makes them a perfect choice for people that are not looking for bold tattoo designs. White ink tattoos can be used as a personal reminder of what you love or pursue or stand for. It can be a note to your future self. They are soft, subtle, and elegant all at the same time.

  • Easily fades into skin color

One primary reason why people don’t go for black ink tattoos is that they leave a permanent impression on their bodies. White ink tattoos don’t leave a permanent mark on your body since they lose integrity with time. The tattoos fade away and get naturally removed from your skin. However, they will leave a subtle marking on the skin that only you will notice.


  • Not a hindrance at job interviews

One drawback of getting a black ink tattoo, that hurts you in the long run, is the discrimination you might have to face during job interviews. You will feel out of luck if you are running for a reputable position in an organization that prioritizes discipline and professionalism. Unfortunately and unfairly your application might be rejected just because you have visible tattoos. Not the case with white ink tattoos though. All thanks to their subtle nature!

Cons of getting a white ink tattoo

The benefits of white ink tattoos might make you think it’s a sensible decision to get them done. But, are there any drawbacks that you must know? Yes, and six of them! Let’s discuss the cons of white ink tattoos, shall we?


  • Good artists are hard to find

This is so true. The skill required to design white ink tattoos is not simple and thus you will not find good artists in your area. Inking a white design on the skin requires a different level of focus and artistry to achieve perfection. So, you better make sincere efforts into finding a tattoo artist that knows the inside and outs of white ink tattoos.


  • White ink tattoos fade with time

Yup, they will fade with time. Thinking why we mentioned fading in pros then? Well, people have different priorities. If you are someone that wants their tattoos to stay with them for long, fading might be a con for you. White ink tattoos fade on all skin colors. However, the level of fade depends on the level of melanin on your skin. For example, people with pale skin will not experience drastic fading.


  • People mistake them for scars

White ink tattoos are often mistaken for scars since they raise the skin a little. The scarred look might become prominent with time especially when the tattoos start fading away. This is also because, with time, the tattoo leaves its original design, becomes non-recognizable and old. 


  • Thick ink makes life harder for artists

The thicker consistency of white ink makes it quite hard to design a tattoo on human skin. This is because the ink is usually manufactured for outlining work. The thick ink is hard to master and artists have a hard time achieving clean lines. Sometimes the tattoo begins to give a scarred look right from the day you get it done!


  • Doesn’t glow like UV tattoos

People sometimes mistake white ink tattoos with UV ink tattoos. These are two different kinds of tattoos and have different qualities. The glow that you are after will only happen when you get a UV ink tattoo. The UV component in the ink causes the tattoos to glow. White ink tattoo, however, doesn’t have a UV component and doesn’t glow.


  • Tattoos get a tan too!

If you are into white ink tattoos, prepare to use sunscreen lotions on your skin. This is because as your skin gets darker, the tattoo will lose its brilliance. You cannot go out in the sun every day without sunblock and expect the tattoo to stay on your skin. As more and more sunlight falls on the tattoo, it will begin to turn yellow-beige. 

How to ensure that white ink tattoos turn out well?

But, what if you want the white ink tattoos real bad? Are there any ways you can overcome the cons and achieve better results? In our opinion, yes there are. Let’s discuss them in detail here.


You have to be very careful while selecting the right tattoo artist for the job. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, you will not find highly skilled artists. The best way to know if tattoo artists you shortlisted are skilled with white ink or not is by asking them important questions. Ask them about the entire process and see if they can satisfy you with their answers. 


  • Choose the right tattoo design

Next, choose the right white ink tattoo design. You must only go for the design that you think will turn out great on your skin. We suggest you go for a simpler design, especially if it’s your first time getting a tattoo. Also, this will allow you to judge the tattoo artist’s skills. 


  • Wash tattoo regularly

Wash them regularly to keep the tattoos clean. It’s essential to treat the tattoo as an open skin wound from where bacterias can enter your system. Wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and soap. Use the specialized tattoo soaps available in the market. Wash the tattoo gently and then dry the area with a paper towel.


  • Use lotions (but small amounts)

Once you wash the tattoo, the skin will lose its moisture. This may cause the ink to break and peel off. To prevent that from happening, apply a thick layer of lotion or body moisturizer. Also, never apply a new layer of lotion on top of another without washing the area. If possible, use tattoo-friendly lotions.


  • Don’t pick the tattoo if it peels

If you find your white ink tattoo peeling away, don’t worry. It’s completely normal as this happens when the skin begins to heal. Don’t try to pick on the tattoo or pull the flaking skin. The dead skin should fall on its own. Pulling the skin when it’s not ready might cause infection or delay healing. It might even result in the permanent fading of the tattoo.


  • Keep it out of sunlight

White ink tattoos hate sunlight. Scorching sunlight over healing skin will easily damage the skin cells and break the tattoo ink. If possible, wear long sleeves to prevent any contact with sunlight or apply sunblock with a high SPF rating.


There you have it. We have shared everything you ever wanted to know about white ink tattoos. To sum up the post, you must consider the pros and cons of white ink tattoos before you go out and get them done. And even if you do get them done, never stop caring for them if you want their brilliance to stay forever. Loved reading this post? Don’t forget to read the other informative posts on our blog too!

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