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Negative Space Tattoo Designs and Fillers

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In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about negative space tattoos. Including what they are, some examples of the best ones and different variations that are possible. We will also look at how they can be used as effective fillers within a larger tattoo sleeve for example. They are extremely versatile. 


What is a Negative Space Tattoo

A negative space tattoo is a tattoo that uses the natural skin tone of the customer to create the design. The subject of the tattoo is usually left as blank, untouched skin. Ink is used as a border or secondary element instead of the primary one in a regular tattoo. Negative space tattoos use skin without any ink on them as the main emphasis of the design. Let's look at some examples.


Best Negative Space Tattoos

These examples should give you a better idea of what a negative space tattoo is. Some of us are better visual learners!


Negative space face tattoo in dotwork

This design uses the shadow face silhouette to create another face using the negative space and blank skin area. It's a super impactful design style which will definitely make people take a second look.


Negative space rose floral tattoo design

Roses are one of the most popular things to get tattooed but this style is a cool way to make your rose a little more unique than others. The negative space is used within the petals to create the shape of the flower.


Negative space hand tattoo design

A lot of ink has been used to create the night sky in this tattoo. The shape of the moon has been left empty, without any ink being used. The same has been done for the stars. This technique is a great alternative to white ink as the shade of the natural skin can achieve a better effect.


Negative Space Tattoo on Dark Skin

So now that you understand what a negative space tattoo is, you may be wondering if it would work on your skin tone. After all, the lighter the skin tone the more contrast that can be achieved. Negative space tattoos on darker skin are still possible but there are some other factors to consider. Let's take a look at an example of a negative space tattoo designs on darker skin. 


As you can see, there is still anough constrast within the ink and the skin tone to create an effective negative space tattoo on dark skin. 


It is worth noting that the exact shade of your skin will play an important factor here. Also the intensity of the black ink is also important. 



Small Negative Space Tattoos

Large neagtive space tattoos can be very intesne and bold. This is not for everyone so let's look at some small negative space tattoo ideas to spark some inspiration for you.


Floral Negative Space Tattoo Design

This cute tattoo uses negative space to create the feminine symbol. It's subtle enough to not stand out too much but also very effective.


Negative Space Cloud Tattoo Idea

This design has a completely blacked out moon and star. Then the outline of the cloud has been drawn in black ink too. What's left in between is skin that has not been tattooed. However, it still creates a cloud shape within it and this is a perfect example of a negative space tattoo.


Romantic Negative Space Tattoo Idea

This example uses the male silhouette to create the shape of the female hands around him. Another excellent example. 


Geometric Negative Space Tattoo Idea

You don't have to stick to blackwork if you want a negative space tattoo idea. You can also incorporate other styles such as geometric and minimal. This example is a geometric design which uses negative space to create the anchor.


Custom Negative Space Tattoo Designs

The best tattoos are custom ones. Tattoos that have a unique factor that is specific to you and your life. The same can be said for negative space tattoos. Why not consider hiring a professional tattoo designer to create a negative space tattoo design for you, before you step foot into a tatto studio and commit to the tattoo. We have hundreds of available artists right here on this website to choose from. Simply contact them with your idea and wait for the magic to happen. 




Frequent questions about negative space tattoos


Are negative space tattoos more expensive?

Yes, they are typically a little more expensive than normal tattoos due to the vast amounts of ink required for blackwork style ones.


Can I get a negative space tattoo within my sleeve?

Absolutely. You can ask your tattoo designer to incorporate some negative space elements within the entire sleeve. This is actually advised in a lot of situations because you can achieve more balance within the tattoo which is very important.


Do negative space tattoos hurt more?

If you are planning on getting a blackwork style one then you can expect it to hurt more than a regular tattoo. This is because of the amount of ink that is required to get the blacked out effect. Sometimes a special kind of ink is required as well. The tattooist may go over the same area a couple of times as well. It goes without saying that this will cause more pain. 


So there you have it! You should be much more aware about negative space tattoos now. We hope this blog post was useful. Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with what's new at Freehand.

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