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How to Get a Custom Tattoo Design?

It can be a difficult task to get a tattoo artist to show you how your custom tattoo idea looks before the day of the appointment. You might be a little anxious in the lead up to the big day as you still do not know exactly how the design will look. On top of this, what if you don't like the design? What follows is an awkward interaction with your artist as you tell them what you want changed. This can take extra time which eats into your appointment. Or worse, you might just nod along and tell them you think it's great. A lot of introverts out there will probably be familiar with this feeling. Thankfully, there is a solution to this!


How to get a custom tattoo online?




1. Search for the best artist

Search our library of tattoo designers until you find the perfect artist for you. You can filter by style, price, language and rating. The great thing about getting a custom tattoo design online is that the location of the artist is not very important. You can hire the best talent from half way across the world instead of being limited to local artists. 


2. Contact the artist

Send the artist a message or place an order directly on their profile. You will be prompted to submit your tattoo idea and include the placement you have in mind and any reference photos that may help the designer. 


3. Wait a short time

After making the payment for the order, you will simply wait until the artist has completed the design. The estimated delivery time will be shown on the artists page before you order so if you are in a rush it might be wise to consider artists with fast delivery times.


4. Ask for revisions

At this stage, the artist will most likely ask if you are happy with the design or if you would like any changes. Feel free to ask for revisions until you are satisfied with the custom tattoo design. There may be a limit for the total number of revisions. Check the artists profile for this information.


5. Enjoy your design

Now you have the perfect custom tattoo design. You can envision how this will look on your body way better since it isn't just in your imagination any more. You can show this artwork to your tattooist in real life if you are ready to get it inked. Or you can hire other artists and compare which one you prefer before booking an appointment somewhere. 



Let's go over some frequently asked questions when it comes to custom tattoos.


How to Get a Tattoo Designed For You?

Follow the same steps as above to get a custom tattoo design online by a professional. 


How Much are Custom Tattoos?

The price for custom tattoo designs can vary a lot depending on the style, complexity and size of the artwork. You can browse hundreds of artists on our platform and filter by price to find the perfect custom tattoo artist for you. It can easily range from $10 to $500 depending on these factors. You also have to factor in the cost of getting it tattooed in real life as well.


How to Customize Your Own Tattoo?

I would advise you to only let professionals edit and customize your tattoo. Just tell them your idea and you will almost always end up with a better result. 


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