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Six of the Best Tattoo Patterns in 2022

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Pattern tattoos are cool aren't they? They are loved by many, mostly due to the different meanings that the patterns can hold. While the patterns generally have a definitive meaning, each eye can fetch a new meaning. If you are willing to get a pattern permanently inked onto your skin to stand out from the crowd, we highly recommend you go for the pattern tattoos mentioned in the post. Remember that getting a pattern tattoo as an entire sleeve tattoo can be quite the comittment as they are hard to cover up and very eye-catching. That might be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it. Let’s go over the different types and examples for each.


Amazing Tattoo Patterns:


1. Geometric pattern tattoo

Geometric patterned tattoos are quite popular mostly due to their ability to create a sense of balance through symmetry. The patterns have geometric elements that add to the tattoos’ mystery. They make the tattoo design more interesting. Geometric tattoos are rich in symbolism and make one find unique meanings in them. Placement, however, is an important aspect of geometric patterned tattoos. The placement mostly depends on the chosen image. The size of the pattern and the detailed inking are a few other factors tattoo artists consider to make your geometric patterned tattoo stand out!


2. Hexagonal pattern tattoo

Hexagonal patterned tattoos are inspired by the geometrical grandeur of a honeycomb. Mostly preferred by males, this tattoo pattern possesses the capacity to reflect the complicated layers of the male mystique! Your affinity for honeycombs and bees will make you compare the tingling feeling of receiving a tattoo to a bee sting. The meaning of hexagonal patterns is often tied to fertility and hard work, as bees use the honeycomb to procreate. A hexagon is a simple symmetrical shape that can tessellate to perfection. This makes it an excellent choice to get patterned tattoos. 


3. 3D pattern tattoo

Although all geometric patterned tattoos are excellent choices for your next tat, none can achieve the unique style that 3D pattern tattoos have to offer. 3D tattoos are good at one thing — creating illusions. Someone looking at the tattoo might think that the design is part of your skin or it’s sitting on top of it. How do tattoo artists achieve that? Well, they do that by combining highlights with shading and shadows. Adding shadows to the objects and skin gives the tattoos their characteristic life-like effect. Go have fun with your next 3D tattoo!


4. Stripe pattern tattoo

Stripe pattern tattoos have existed for thousands of years. It also means that stripe tattoos have gone through various civilizations. As a result, today we have a huge range of stripe tattoos that you can get inked almost anywhere on your body. Stripe patterned tattoos are aesthetically beautiful and may have different meanings. The tribal or indigenous stripe tattoos represent the rank within the tribe or the hierarchical position. Such tattoos are also used in the army as soldiers get them to express themselves — mostly to show the number of years they’ve served or colleagues they have lost in battle.


5. Aztec pattern tattoo

The concept of Aztec pattern tattoos comes from the Aztec civilization in the 14th century. Aztec tattoos come from the prominent history of the Aztec culture where tattoos were used to honor gods. Today, this tattoo pattern is quite popular for both its connection to the mesoamerican culture and the deeper meaning it possesses. These tattoo designs depict gods, creatures, and tribes. Aztec tattoos are generally preferred by males as these contain elements like eagles, crocodiles, skulls, warriors, and more. If you are looking for something unique and meaningful for your upcoming body art, we highly recommend you go for Aztec tattoos as these come in a wide range of possibilities.


6. Polynesian pattern tattoo

Lastly, we have the Polynesian pattern inspired by the Polynesian culture which is a combination of tribes like Marquesans, Samoans, Niueans, Tongans, Cook Islanders, Hawaiians, Tahitians, and Maori. These tattoos were generally placed on the head, higher trunk, lower trunk, upper arms and shoulders, lower arms and hands, legs and feet, and joints. Such pattern tattoos represent men, women, gods, sky, sharks, spearheads, ocean, turtle, lizard, stingray, and more.


Final remarks!

You can also create your very own custom tattoo pattern by asking an artist to turn an icon or symbol into a repeating pattern. This will result in a completely unique tattoo pattern that only you will have. If this sounds like something you are interested in then feel free to reach out to a tattoo designer on our website. We have many experts who specialise in this kind of thing and will draw your custom idea in just a few days. What are you waiting for?


We just discussed some of the best tattoo patterns available in the market! Indeed, there are many other tattoo patterns you can choose from. The patterns keep evolving and tattoo artists love to give the pattern a new meaning through creativity and innovation. Which tattoo pattern did you like the most? Let us know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to check out other informative tattoo design posts on the blog!

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