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3 Ways To Come Up With A Tattoo Idea You Will Not Regret!

Some of us have tattoos that we regret and unfortunately there is not many solutions. Laser tattoo removal and coverups are possible but require more money and further pain. The final result is not always ideal either. So let’s go through some things that you can think about to make sure you do not regret your next tattoo. 
The key to having no regrets is making sure your tattoo has a meaning. This way, even if the execution of the design isn’t perfect the tattoo will still hold a special place in your heart. Usually this means coming up with a highly specific idea that is suited to your life. 
The best thing is, you can hire a tattoo designer on our website to draw your idea without stepping foot into an actual studio. Then, if you like the design you can bring it to an artist of your choosing in real life. Explore our marketplace of tattoo artists and find one that is best suited to your idea. 
Things to consider:

Think about the place where you grew up in your childhood and what is synonymous with it. 

For example Manchester in England is synonymous with a Bee. This came from the fact that the people of Manchester were hard working, just like the worker bee. Usually cities will have some kind of icon, animal, crest or symbol that has a meaning. Getting this incorporated into your tattoo will mean you are unlikely to have any regrets since you cannot change your childhood. It will forever be part of your story. 


What are your passions? Books, sports teams, gaming, anime etc. Break down your passions into smaller sections.

For example if you like books and have a favourite book - what is your favourite paragraph or sentence from that book that resonates with you. Perhaps a quote tattoo would fit perfectly for this. Unique hand lettering designs work incredibly for tattoos and the size of them usually means they can fit into multiple places of the body. Go ahead and explore some quote tattoo designs and find an artist that specialises in this style. 

Think about your deepest and most memorable memories. 

It may be the birth of your child, leaving home after school or landing a big job promotion.  Whatever it is, try to consider something related to that moment. For example, let’s say you moved city and it changed your life. You could get a tattoo of the city skyline or even a minimal design of the city area code. The idea is that whatever you choose, it will be meaningful and related to that deep memory of yours. Tattoos tell a story about you and your life so you can’t go too wrong by getting some ink related to these important life moments. 
Bonus points:
Another point to think about to make sure you do not regret your next tattoo is always research the artist. You can have the best idea in the world but still end up with a bad tattoo if you don’t do your due diligence. It sounds like common sense but make sure you look at reviews of your artist before you book an appointment and always take a deep look at their portfolio of work. Make sure you select the correct artist for your idea as well. It is no use choosing a designer who is an expert with Japanese style but your idea is a minimal single needle concept. 
Perhaps try to avoid getting ink in super visible places at first. It will help limit any possible regret if only you can see if when you have no clothes on. Your feet, upper thigh, shoulder or hip might all be places that are on show less perhaps. Getting a neck tattoo however, will always be visible to the public and this may make it harder to deal with a tattoo you do not like.
Overall it is worth noting that even if you do end up with a tattoo that you regret, it is not the end of the world and you have to look at the big picture as much as possible. Tattoos are cosmetic and although they do change your appearance they do not effect your health or wellbeing.
Avoid all of these concerns by exploring our website and finding a tattoo designer that can turn your tattoo idea into a real image. 

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