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10 Completely Free Tattoo Designs - No Sign Up Required

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Considering getting some new ink? Check out this list of amazing free tattoo designs. We have also put a link to the Instagram page of the artist who has made the piece. This list contains all kinds of tattoo styles so there should be something for everyone. If you are looking for a custom tattoo design instead then you are in the right place. We have plenty of artists available to hire for custom tattoo drawings. They will be happy to help. Simple sign up and place an order with a designer of your choosing and you should receive your custom tattoo design within a matter of days. Amazing right? Okay, let's get into the list!


Free Tattoo Designs


1. Red and Black Butterfly

by hledamse.ink


This cute butterfly tattoo design is wonderful. The red and black creates the perfect amount of contrast. This delicate tattoo would work on various parts of the body but would especially look great on the inner forearm in our opinion. Where would you get this piece inked?


2. Ornamental Lion

by tattoomija


Lions are a very popular thing to get tattooed on your body but this specific design incorporates an ornamental and mandala style which is unique. The teardrop shape that is creates would be excellent for making body parts appear a little longer. This artwork would also work as part of a full sleeve that has mandala elements. 


3. Simba Lion King

by memphor.ink


Continuing with the lion theme but this time we are doing a throwback to the Lion King with this line art style take on Simba. The splashes of colour will work extremely well on fairer coloured skin. Abstract line art tattoos like this are becoming a little more popular in 2022. 


4. Forest Creatures

by kixtattooart


Do you love the outdoors and nature? This free tattoo design may be the one for you. It includes various animals among leaves and plants. We think this piece would fit into a full sleeve or half sleeve perfectly due to its complexity. 


5. Abstract Tattoo

by annjen.ink.a


Let's switch back to a more minimal and simple design. This abstract tattoo design includes dotwork, line art and blackwork all in one. Even with this mix of styles, the tattoo looks cohesive and uniform. The splash of red is really effective and will catch the eye in real life. It turns a very simple design into something quite interesting to look at. Wouldn't you agree?


6. Fallout Game

by nicollemontgomery


With the growth of video games, we have also seen the rise in video game tattoos. This Fallout tattoo design is simple but effective. The lightning bolt sticking out on either end of the box is very trendy among single needle tattoo designs these days. If you are interested in other video game tattoo ideas then check out this comphrehensive post on some ideas we have collected. 


7. Eagle with Skull

by willydean_trashflash


The eagle is another animal that is commonly tattooed. Why not go the extra step and include something alongside it that creates a unique combination. This design has an eagle carrting a skull with its talons. This black and grey tattoo design will have a lot of impact when used as a standalone tattoo opposed to as part of a sleeve. 


8. Cute Dinosaur

by dinomazee


Check out this cute dinosaur line tattoo design. The bright colours of this design will stand out on lighter skin tones. We have seen a trend in parents getting their childrens drawings inked onto them recently. It's not a bad idea if you think about how meaningful this could be. Would you ever consider doing something like this?


9. Blackwork Rose

by willydean_trashflash


Not much catches the eye more than blackwork tattoos. The boldness is hard to miss. Maybe you are not ready to go for a full blackout sleeve and we don't blame you! They are intense. How about dipping your feet into the shallow end with a simple blackwork rose tattoo like this. It will still turn some heads, that's for sure.


10. Dotwork Heart

by lucka_bina


Maybe the most popular style in 2022 is single needle and dotwork tattoos. Made famous by many artists at BangBang Studio in New York and MommyImSorry in Stuttgart, Germany. What's your favourite style currently?


I hope you found something you like in this list of free tattoo designs. If not, check out the other guides and lists we have created on our blog. 


Important note:

All of these designs on this list have been mentioned as free to use by the artist themselves. It is not reccomended to use designs from the internet as your tattoo without consent given by the original artist. You can also purchase tattoo tokens from designers which gives you the right to get the art tattooed.

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