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25 Brilliant Tattoo Fonts For Your New Tattoo in 2022

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“What should be the ideal tattoo font for a tattoo design?” This question haunts tattoo artists and enthusiasts as it is quite challenging to find a font perfect for the design and delivers a unique expression. We have shortlisted 25 tattoo fonts that are perfect for almost all kinds of tattoos. We have also categorized them to help you make a better decision. Let’s get started!



Cursive and Script Tattoo Fonts


1. Aneisha Script

Aneisha Script by MrLetters is a stylistic calligraphy tattoo font that adds expressive curves and an impression of a handwritten font. This modern handwritten typeface is also used for personal branding.


2. Suarez

Suarez by Leitmotif is known for smoothly connecting individual characters in a tattoo. It might be a thin tattoo font, but it is available in a wide variety of styles. 


3. Sugar Cane

Roman Avdiushkin created Sugar Cane, a cursive tattoo font inspired by vintage monoline fonts and ligatures. You can create unique and smooth tattoo designs with Sugar Cane.


4. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive, a mid-century California throwback, is one of our personal favorite cursive tattoo fonts. Amy Hood designed the font to make it easy-going and well-linked. 


5. Signaline

Signaline is a thin, versatile, hand-lettered, gorgeous cursive font that includes swashes and other symbols. Designed by Ahmad Gozali, Signaline contains one style and is perfect if you are looking for a thin tattoo.




Number Tattoo Fonts


6. Gorga Grotesque

Although one of the simplest number fonts, Gorga Grotesque is a modern tattoo font that facilitates readability and legibility. The font is clear, and its high flexibility makes it look beautiful.


7. Didone Room Numbers

Inspired by the hand-painted room numbers at a hotel in Vienna, Didone Room Numbers make for a large size number tattoo font. You can couple it with other Didone font families and make the tattoo alphabetic.


8. Clement Numbers

This is a unique number tattoo font that adds mesmerizing swirls and details to your tattoo design. The font is inspired by an 1838 type specimen book and never fails to give your tattoo a retro feel.


9. 7 Segment Display

Remember the old-style digital displays? The 7 Segment gives your tattoo a retro-tech theme. Make sure you use this digital ticker-styled number tattoo font over a dark background.


10. Leah Gaviota

Leah Gaviota is a massive collection of fun letters and numbers hand-drawn to create a casual look. This number tattoo font contains over 100 mini illustrations that will help you choose the perfect tattoo design.



Minimal Tattoo Fonts


11. Chivo

An indispensable ally to any tattoo artist, Chivo is a perfect minimal tattoo font ideal for highlights and headlines. It is essentially a grotesque serif font family.


12. Comfortaa Light

Doesn’t it look like Gill Sans? To us, it does. Well, it was designed to mimic Gill Sans, and its rounded sans serif type design does a great job. It’s a tattoo font perfect for large letter sizes.


13. Helmet Neue

A neo-grotesque display typeface, Helmet Neue is a unique minimal tattoo font inspired by Helvetica and Univers. It is bound to give a fresh look and feel to your tattoo.


14. Lato

Lato, designed by Lukasz Dziedzic from Warsaw, is a sans serif typeface family that will give semi-rounded details to letters on your tattoos. It also gives a strong structure to the tattoo.


15. Montserrat

Julieta Ulanovksy designed this minimal tattoo font. Montserrat is inspired by the old posters and signs in the Montserrat area of Buenos Aires. Not just that, Julieta also adds the beauty of urban typography to this tattoo font.



Japanese Tattoo Fonts


16. Osake

We are in awe of this Japanese calligraphy-based tattoo font. Designed by Stringlabs, this tattoo font intelligently uses Japanese cultural elements and surprisingly delivers an authentic feel!


17. Makuton

Quench your thirst for the Japanese-style tattoo font with Makuton! This is a vintage typeface that comes with brilliant handmade lettering. No wonder artists use this font for logos, branding, posters, and of course, to design tattoos!


18. Mojita

Here’s a Japanese tattoo font by Anthony James. Mojita is a traditional geometric Japanese display typeface with a beautifully balanced intricate design - something you won’t see on most Japanese-style tattoos. It has uppercase characters only.


19. Hiro Misake

Want to give an authentic Japanese look to your tattoo design? Go for Hiro Misake - a Japanese calligraphy style font made with real brush strokes. You will often find this font on logos, posters, and apparel.


20. Shakuro

Shakuro, by Letterhend Studio, is another Japanese calligraphy style font that makes an excellent tattoo font choice. It has upper and lowercase characters, punctuations, numerals, and characters. You can also use Shakuro in different languages.



Chicano Tattoo Fonts


21. RaseDowne

Want a unique Chicano tattoo font? Go for RaseDowne by Matthew Napolitano. This font contains two alphabets with capitals extending downwards. The tattoo font style is rough, imperfect, but natural at the same time.


22. Situgintu

Situgintu by Vava Aryanto is a beautiful, elegant, and diverse tattoo font with many alternate characters and ligatures. You can use Situgintu Calligraphy to tattoo unique typographic elements.


23. Huntly

Designed by Hayinah Hayinah, Huntly is a Chicano tattoo font known for its incredibly unique and distinct blackletter font. It is one of the most trending tattoo fonts that is also used on logos, posters, album covers, and more.


24. Rase Nicolous

Designed by Matthew Napolitano, Rase Nicolous is a distinct tall graffiti font that gives an impression of a handwritten font. It handsomely emulates the modern American graffiti styles - the west coast, to be precise.


25. Bugheds

Hendry Juanda developed this blackletter font to add some personality to it. Besides uppercase and lowercase letters, it comes in symbols, numerals, punctuation, ligatures, and stylistic set alternate. The best thing is that it supports multilingual tattoo designs!


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