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Best Video Game Tattoo Ideas in 2022

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo to symbolise your love for a video game? We have created a long list of ideas intended to spark inspiration. The best gaming tattoos are the ones that have a personal twist which is unique to you. Gaming tattoos can be executed in various different styles including traditional, sketch, black and grey or even minimal.


If you have a custom idea then we reccomend reaching out to an artist on our website who will be happy to draw or compose your vision. You can even get a digital mockup of how the tattoo may look.


Maybe you are struggling to come up with a gaming tattoo idea though. We can help with that. Let's dive into some examples!


1. Retro Gaming Tattoo

by acostattoo

Check out this cool ink. The controller is made up by tetris shaped blocks which emphasise a retro vibe. The bright colours work especially well on lighter skin tones. 


2. Watercolor Spyro

by dreaminkcolortattoos

This watercolor shoulder tattoo is amazing. Spyro's playful aura is captured perfectly with this style. The purple and yellow is a classic combination.


3. Pokemon Pixel Tattoo


A unique take on a pokemon tat. This Snorlax has some pixel art incorporated into his design which catches the eye. This is a throwback to the gameboy color days!


4. Kingdom Hearts Tattoo

by tattoosbypony

Another colorful design here. This time we are showing an anime style tattoo from a popular video game series called Kingdom Hearts.


5. Minimal Charizard Tattoo

by hugotattooer

Okay, another Pokemon tattoo! This might be a common theme throughout this article. However, this ink has an unusual design. A combination of minimal lines and blackwork. The heart on Charizards belly makes the tattoo a little more playful and fun.


6. Mario Stars

by melissaconleyartist

Looking for a more simple gaming tattoo? What do you think of this mario star design? Simple and clean. You can't go wrong with these sized tattoos. They are great for newbies because you can place the ink basically anywhere you want!


7. Final Fantasy Sleeve

by chrisrogerstattoo


The first sleeve we have mentioned on this list. This final fantasy themed sleeve is amazing! The colors are intense and will definitely turn a few heads in real life. Based on Final Fantasy VII Cloud.


8. Squirtle / Bulbasaur Tattoo

by brandoom

Have you ever seen a green squirtle? Well now you have! He almost has bulbasaur vibes! This specific style is really popular in 2022. Having a square border with parts of the art creeping out past the border is trendy.


9. Zelda Flower

by _downertattooer_

This Zelda shield has been designed with a flower at the bottom. Perfect for fans of the Zelda series.


10. Pixel Tattoo


Another pixel art tattoo design here. This digivice has a retro feel.


11. Matching Zelda Tattoos

by zelda.bjj

If one Zelda tattoo wasn't enough? How about matching ones. Matching tattoos are common among couples, friends and family members. This cute watercolor style matches the emotion of the faces really well.


12. Minimal Pokemon Tattoo

by mambotattooer

How cool is this? The color palette of the ink is shown below the design and the tattoo itself has a unique coloring style to make it different to the normal pokemon tattoos out there. 


13. Realism Mario Tattoo

by pencilfingerz

Everyone knows Mario. He's a legend in the gaming world. This tattoo has a more realistic spin on a classic character. Black and grey gaming tattoos are more unusual than color ones but that's what makes tattoos so great. You can express your own personality through the style of the tattoo.


14. Zelda Sword with Z 

by mirandajpg_tattoo

Instead of getting a standard tattoo, why not get a custom one like this? It's fantastic! The artist combined the Z logo with the well-known Zelda sword. It makes for an amazing tat.


15. Retro Gameboy Tattoo

by iimmerse

All 90's kids will know Gameboys very well. They were iconic. This tattoo symbolises that period of time very well. Some small Zelda gems have been added over the gameboy.  One of the most popular games of the time.


16. Cute Kirby

by neonghae_tattoo

A minimal and simple take on Kirby rolling along the arm. The simple linework and subtle sketch effects make this one of our favorite tattoos on the list. A very creative gaming tattoo idea.


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