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Examples of Tattoos Over Stretch Marks

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Can you do tattoos over stretch marks? The short answer is yes. You definitely can tattoo directly onto stretch marks but it does come with some extra issues to consider. Scar tissue may find it harder for the ink to sit compared to normal skin. Also the colour of the stretch mark can be important. For example if the stretch mark is quite dark it may require a darker tattoo. Getting an experienced tattooist for these kind of cover ups is extra important.

Remember that stretch marks are totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of! Think twice about getting them covered. The world is becoming more aware of body positivity and self-love but it can be hard to embrace things we think are imperfections about us. Try to keep in mind that stretch marks are normal for both men and women!


Now, let's go over some things to consider when organising your stretch mark cover up tattoo.


What shade are the stretch marks?

Some stretch marks are a slightly red or purple shade and these will generally be a little more difficult to cover with a tattoo. You can allow these marks to calm down over time though as it's common for stretch marks to fade over the years. Once this has happened you should have more flexibility with the potential tattoo design too since more options will be available with a paler stretch mark.


How big are they?

It goes without saying that of course bigger stretch marks will be harder to tattoo over. That doesn't mean it's impossible though. It's just a factor to consider when coming up with the design. Keep in mind that the size of the tattoo will have to be slightly bigger than the stretch mark to effectively cover it. 


Will getting a tattoo over a stretch mark hurt?

It is common for skin that has gone through some kind of trauma like a burn, stretch or scarring to hurt a little more than usual compared to a regular tattoo. Don't worry though, it isn't extremely painful either.

The more fresh the stretch mark is, the more likely it is to have an extra sting. As with all tattoos, the pain is subjective and everyone has a different opinion on how much they hurt. We all have friends who claim their ink didn't hurt at all and others who say they were on the verge of crying!

The size and complexity of the tattoo will also effect how painful it will be. If you are worried about the pain then you should communicate this with your artist and they may be able to offer you numbing cream or some tips on how to manage the discomfort. 


Let's take a look at some examples of stretch mark tattoos. 


The first is a special kind of tattoo that uses skin tone shades to blend the stretch mark into the rest of your body. Therefore making the stretch mark invisible. They are sometimes called medical camouflage tattoos. 


Here are some before and after stretch mark tattoos by dominiquebossavy.



As you can see, the artist uses various shades and tones of ink to match the customers skin. They are tattooed directly over the stretch mark. The results can be amazing! This works for all skin tones too. 


This is half way through a stretch mark tattoo. It's common for the marks to become raised and swollen during the tattoo. Light bleeding is also expected. Image by newimagebeautybar.


This is another example of a before and after stretch mark tattoo by newimagebeautybar. This time they show how a stretch mark tattoo can be applied to the stomach area. It's common for stretch marks to appear here during and after pregnancies. In fact, pregnancy is the number one cause of stretch marks.


The second way to tattoo over your stretch mark is to get a more traditional cover up design. This means completely covering the marks instead of blending them in like the medical camouflage tattoos.

This example shows how the lower stomach stretch marks can be covered with a bold and colourful design. Using deep colours will make it easier for the artist as well. 


Another example of stomach stretch marks being covered. This time with an ornamental style tattoo in black and grey. The design covers the stretch marks very well. This can be a very tender and sore area to get inked though, so be careful!


One more lower abdomen example. This time the tattoo is smaller and the branches of the design flow with the shapes of the marks. This tattoo is new so the ink looks raised still. After some time, when the skin calms down the marks will be less visible. 


Bonus idea:

Check out these girls who got their stretch marks coloured in with bright shades to emphasise their tiger stripes even more. This is a cool way to embrace them and we think it looks pretty great!


If you are thinking about proceeding with your stretch mark cover up tattoo then please reach out to an artist on our website and speak to them 1 on 1 about your idea. You can even show them how your stretch marks look and they can draw a design that is best suited to cover it. This also means you will get a super personalised and custom tattoo that is unique to you. We have hundreds of artists to browse through. Filter by style, language and price until you find the perfect tattoo designer for you. 

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