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20+ Incredible Chicano Tattoo Fonts and Ideas for 2022

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Looking for some inspiration for your next chicano tattoo? Then you are in the right place. We've made a comprehensive list of chicano tattoo fonts and ideas. As one of the tattoo industries most distinct styles, Chicano tattoos have a rich history. The chicano style was originally born from gang culture in United States. Specifically more southern states that have a Latino influence such as California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Today, there has been many extensions of the traditional Chicano style and it is less gang themed overall. However, it is still quite aggressive in terms of the visuals. If you are planning to get a chicano tattoo, keep in mind that it may come with some unfortunate stereotypes. Let's get into the content and break down our list of reccomended chicano tattoo fonts and ideas. 


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Chicano Tattoo Fonts for 2022


1. Feathergraphy Clean

This chicano tattoo font was created by Måns Grebäck. It has a handwritten style and also comes in a decorated version. However, this clean variation is the one we would use for a tattoo as it's bolder and more legible. This one looks especially good in one word tattoo designs.


2. Angel Rhapsody

Angel Rhapsody was created by String Labs. A more vintage inspired typeface. The diamond decorations create a sense of busyness and this style can be excellent for sleeve designs to fill space and appear more complex and detailed. A great chicano tattoo font.


3. Avalen Rekas

A gothic blackletter font that is perfect for chicano tattoos in 2022. The pointed edges and subtle curved parts are classic chicano style. This typeface would also work well as an outline to go within your existing tattoo. You can download this font here.


4. Bahisy

Bahisy is a subtly decorative blackletter typeface that is commonly used within chicano tattoo sleeves. With bold and thick elements, this font works very well for standalone text tattoo designs as well. Bahisy was also created by StringLabs. 


5. Black Ball Tattoo

This font was created by Billy Argel. It has a strong mexican influence and this is partly why it works so well for chicano tattoos. It contains a lot of flair and space fillers which also makes it applicable for chicano sleeve designs. 


6. VTC-Bad Tattoo Hand One

A script style tattoo font that is ideal for chicano tattoo ideas. The typeface is designed at an angle which is more common in script chicano designs. You can download it for free here.


7. Chicanos

This one is literally named after its purpose. You can't go wrong with this font when it comes to designing your next chicano tattoo. It contains a lot of flair and decorative elements, especally in the capital letters. This would be ideal for chicano tattoos that may include a name of place name. For example Los Angeles where the 'L' and 'A' would be extra emphasised.


8. Brenza

This typeface is a little different to the rest but it is still applicable for the chicano theme. It has a brush effect and is quite thick so it would also work as an outline. It is fairly common for tattoo designs to draw a design within the shape of the letters themselves. This can achieve a really cool effect.


9. Inked Skin

As the name of this font suggests, it works especially well for tattoo designs. This design is similar to the Chicanos font mentioned earlier but has some subtle differences. It is slightly smoother and thicker. It also looks a little more vintage.


10. Antishbusy

This font has extra flair added to it through its thin sketchy lines. I personally really like this effect. It can work especially well within tattoo sleeves and more complex designs. The font was created by Typhoon Type.


Chicano Tattoo Ideas for 2022


1. Gang Culture Tattoo

This is where chicano tattoos were birthed so if you really want to stay true to origins then why not consider a gangster themed tattoo. They typically work best in black and grey like this entire back tattoo.


2. Chicano Chest Lettering Tattoo

It is common to get a big and bold chicano lettering design across the chest as the shape of neckline acts as the perfect border. The text sits nicely on the pecs as they are quite a flat area. This means the text is easily readable. 


3. Realism Chicano Hand Tattoo

Check out this amazing design. The steel cage design is made using negative space on the skin. You can see a tattooed face behind the wire which makes the perfect chicano themed design. Adding more ink on the fingers and knuckles can really be the cherry on top with these tattoos.


4. Back of Neck Chicano Tattoo

This tattoo blends into the hair as it covers the back of the head. It can be a really unique way to ink your body. Keep in mind that getting a tattoo on the back of your head is known to be very painful . 


5. Religious Chicano Finger Tattoo

This subtle finger tattoo is super cool! The religious undertones combine well with this tattoo style. Having the other fingers empty adds to the emphasis on the small ink. It also pairs beautifully with a ring as shown in this example. 


6. Chicano Script Tattoo Design

Maybe the most common of all chicano tattoos is the simple script design. Often found on the outer forearm. Its a body part that is seen as less painful and that may be the reason why it is such a popular place to get this specific piece of art. Think hard about what word you want to get inked though. You don't want to have any regrets!


7. Chicano Portrait Tattoo Ideas

Portraits are common among chicano tattoos. The emotion that a portrait can give suits these tattoos very well. Check out this artwork which includes several portraits within the same overall design.


8. Chicano Cross Tattoo

This cross tattoo is paired with a crying eye. The teardrops have a special meaning within gang culture. They are supposedly supposed to mark every life that the person has taken. The spiderweb adds to the intimidating vibe that chicano tattoos are known for.


9. Chicano Face Tattoo

Typically people with this kind of ink are not shy of getting a tattoo on their face. If that sounds like you, then you might like these face lettering tattoos which will definitely make heads turn. 


10. Chicano Girl Tattoo

Another common sub-theme within the chicano style is getting beautiful women tattooed onto your skin. Look at this example. The girl even has her own tattoos and the smoke effect adds to the chicano vibe.


Let's take a look at some common characteristics and points about chicano tattoos:


Typically monochromatic.

Dark and gloomy themed.

Lots of shadows and high contrast.

Decorative text.

Commonly includes guns, skulls, cigars and portraits.


These kind of tattoos are usually executed on body parts which provide a large area of empty skin, such as full sleeves or the chest and back. Having said that, don't shy away from getting a chicano tattoo if you are thinking about a small one.


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