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Everything You Need to Know to Get Perfect Hand Tattoos!

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Hand tattoos are becoming exceptionally popular in 2022 and they are also more socially acceptable than ever before. This is including the workplace where employers care less about what ink you have on show and more about your credentials for the job.

The best hand tattoos, however, are the ones that speak to you. These make for an incredible medium to express yourself, your personality, beliefs, and other things that are important to you. Even more than tattoos on other body parts.  Therefore, we wanted to share a list of beautiful hand and finger tattoos that you can take inspiration from. In this post, we have consolidated a list of popular hand tattoos and finger tattoos in 2022 to help you shortlist the best hand tattoo design for your upcoming ink! Let’s dive into some ideas, shall we?


7 best hand tattoo design ideas for 2022


1. Realistic lion hand tattoo


Who doesn’t love a lion? It’s an animal that is a symbol of pride, fearlessness, and passion. You will often find people getting a tattoo with a lion in it, especially a heavily styled face of a lion on top of the hand. The hand tattoo design generally sits at the inner side of the wrist and the outer side of the palm (preferably under the thumb). Not just that, the lion represents strength and dominance which makes the hand tattoo a head-turner. This example covers a lot of skin on the hand and is quite dark. This adds to the intesity of the piece. 


2. Traditional finger tattoos


Along with hand tattoos, finger tattoos are also becoming more popular. A particular trend right now is to have multiple different small tattoos on each finger. This creates a nice balance of spacing and busyness. This examples takes different traditional tattoo designs and places them on each finger. Since they are all a similar style, the tattoo design has a lot of cohesion. This is something to always consider when thinking about a custom design.


3. Lettering Knuckle tattoo


These hand tattoo designs, as the name suggests, are primarily for the knuckle area of the fingers. Many believe that just because these tattoos are on the knuckles, they cannot play much with the design. Well, that’s not true. You can get a unique knuckle tattoo with contrasting colors and detailed line work. Indeed, the area is quite small. But, you have multiple fingers, which makes it easier to come up with distinct, detailed, and layered patterns. Moreover, knuckles are highly visible placement making them one of the best places on the body to add a meaningful tattoo.


4. Script side of hand tattoo


These hand tattoos, especially the body location, are quite popular. Why? It’s the natural graceful curve of our wrists and fingers that make the tattoo stand out. Although premium real estate, one should go for simple hand tattoos here since you’ll be using your hands for everything. You can for hand tattoos with smooth lines and curved features. These are perfect for feminine tattoo designs that subtly reflect your interests and personality. They also work especially well for script and hand lettering tattoos. 


5. Floral design hand tattoo


Flower and hand tattoos go ‘hand-in-hand.’ Well, flower hand tattoos are very popular as the designer gets massive creative freedom in them. You’ll mostly find roses in these hand tattoos as they are associated with love and romance. Flower tattoos have a colorful and vibrant vibe. Flower hand tattoos are delicate and feminine and give your skin a unique look. However, you’d want to complement the flower hand tattoos with other geometric or tribal elements.


6. Butterfly hand tattoo


Do you already have tattoos on your arm? We believe that a subtle butterfly tattoo can easily enhance the beauty of your tattoos and make your body art stand out. However, a butterfly hand tattoo is for the chic and feminine side of you. After all, it makes your hand look more delicate and graceful. So, where should you place a butterfly hand tattoo?  Why not put half of the butterfly on each hand so when you put them together it shows the tattoo in it's entireity.


7. Rosary hand tattoo


A rosary tattoo is for the believer. It essentially is for people that are devoted to their faith. We all know how important prayers are in that part of the Chrisitan faith. Thus, it’s no surprise people use the rosary as a symbol to represent their belief in Christ. If you are a firm believer in God and all his wisdom, you should definitely go for a tattoo rosary — keeping Jesus close to you at all times! Even if you are not religious, this specific design looks super cool!


How to take the best care of hand tattoos? Hand and finger tattoo healing tips.


Hand tattoos are tricky. This is because you are getting one of the most used parts of your body tattooed. Therefore, you should follow some maintenance tips to get a perfect hand tattoo. First, you should plan things out. To get the best results, you might have to drop everything and rest. You will have limited hand capabilities which makes it even more important to plan how you’ll function for at least a few days.


Let's make a quick summary of what you should and shouldn't do!


  • Should I wash my hands after getting a finger or hand tattoo?

Yes, gentle washing is reccomended.


  • Can I scratch my new hand tattoo?

No! Definitely do not scratch or pick at it!


  • Should I apply sunscreen to my hand tattoo?

Yes, if you are exposed to the sun a lot then please apply sunscreen to it.


We suggest you take a few days off from work or school and give your hand adequate time to heal. Otherwise, you’ll run a risk of infection. Once the hand tattoo heals, you should consider going back to the tattoo artist to have it retouched. Since these are hand tattoos we are talking about, you might have to get your tattoo retouched several times, at least during the first year. However, the results mostly depend on how well the tattoo heals the first time.


If you are looking to get a new hand or finger tattoo then you should think about hiring one of our professional tattoo designers to draw you the perfect custom tattoo design. You will also receive a digital mockup of how the tattoo will look on your hand before getting it done in real life. Browse all of our artists here.

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