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Free Tattoo Design Templates and Mockups

We have created a library of free tattoo design templates that artists can use to display how a tattoo may look on a human body. They help customers understand how a tattoo design may wrap around their body. Also, they are fantastic for helping customers decide on the size of the tattoo when it comes to inking it in real life. 


Our selection of tattoo mockup templates contains both female and male body types plus four skin tone variations for each. 


A good use-case for making a mockup of your tattoo design is when it comes to clients who are unsure about where they want the tattoo. They might be stuck between the shoulder or ankle for example. As the artist, you can show them the design on both body parts and the customer can compare which they prefer. This is a much better experience for the client!


Female tattoo template examples:



Male tattoo template examples:



We created images for each body part so you can do a tattoo design mockup for everything. Whether its the foot, neck or even face tattoos. Amazing, right? The best part is these templates are free to use. If you find yourself using them as a resource then let us know on Instagram! We would love to hear from you. 


What do the images look like without any tattoo designs on them? Here are some examples including an upper back image, leg sleeve template and frontal stomach view.




How many images are included in our free tattoo templates package? The answer is over 350 and that includes various body parts, skin tones and body types.


Why are these templates so important for custom tattoo design? It's especially important for people who are getting their first tattoo. It's a big deal to them and helping them envision how it might look on their body can really put your client at ease and make them feel more comfortable during the process. It also allows them to get an idea of how the tattoo will look before the day of the appointment. 


Sleeve tattoo templates:

We also have images that are perfect for tattoo sleeve template mockups. This means you can display the entire custom tattoo sleeve design over the image and customers can see how the sleeve will wrap around the leg or arm, how it flows and what parts of the sleeve will be visible from certain angles. Our pack includes forearm tattoo templates, sleeve tattoo templates, neck tattoo templates and more. Custom sleeve tattoos can take a long time to design and get perfect so applying them onto a mockup template is the cherry on top when it comes to presenting the design. You will see a higher acceptance rate by clients and it's less likely they will ask for changes because they can really envision how the design will look.


Hand tattoo templates:

Hand tattoos are getting more popular and also more socially accepted. However, since they are almost always visible it makes more sense that clients want to see just how the tattoo will appear on their hand. We have included several hand angles within our tattoo mockup package. See a couple of examples below:



Neck tattoo templates:

The same can be said for neck tattoos as hands. They are also becoming more common and accepted but there is something about getting a neck tattoo which can scare people off. The tattoo is always on show and this can make customers anxious. Giving them a clear image of how the tattoo will look, how big it will be and how visible it will be from different angles is a great idea. Below are a few examples including a frontal neck tattoo template, side of neck tattoo template and back of neck tattoo template.




Download the files through Google Drive with no catches on the links below!


Male download.

Female download.


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