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Custom Tattoo: A Quick Guide to Know Why You Need Custom Tattoo Designs!

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If you are interested in getting a custom tattoo design, make sure to check out hundreds of available artists on our website who are ready to bring your idea to life within days.


A full custom tattoo is one where the artist involves customers to design the art. You will have a major say in the tattoo designing process, which gives you control over how the tattoo will look. In this, the customer provides reference photos or shares the design details with the artist to create a tattoo that is completely unique. In other words, you and your artist will have to work together to develop a custom design tattoo.


How does getting a custom tattoo design work?


The real work starts when you will share the pictures or inspiration with the artist. Artists will do their best to understand the description and the representation of the tattoo. Upon getting clarity, artists will begin altering the representation and share the development with you. Now, you can request more changes to help the artist perfect the custom design. Customer satisfaction is key to a successful custom tattoo design. Once all the revisions are made, you can finalize the design and make an appointment. This is when the custom tattoo will come to life.


The best way to make the custom tattoo design process work is by actively engaging with the artist. You must do your due diligence and collect as many reference images as possible of the tattoo design you have in mind. This helps the artists make suitable suggestions and develop a design in a similar style. Moreover, the references allow the artists to nail tattoo sizing and placement. You must remember that you are adding the tattoo to YOUR body. Therefore, the onus for perfection is on you. You should sit down with the artist and get things straight.


What are some of the common custom tattoo design styles?


It’s always an excellent idea to research and figure out the custom tattoo design style that speaks to you. Some of the most common custom tattoo design styles are realistic, new school, traditional Japanese, watercolor, neo-traditional, dotwork, geometric, minimalistic, tribal, Celtic, polynesian and more.


Once you settle on a custom tattoo design style, you should put effort into choosing the right tattoo artist. What should you look for in a tattoo artist? You need a tatoo designer who specializes in the style you have in mind. So, when you come across an artist, be straightforward and ask the artist upfront. Then make sure you go through their portfolio and check out their previous work. On our website you can browse artists by style and view their portfolio to see if they are suited for you.


Check out this amazing design by Norbert.


Now that you know everything about custom tattoo designs, should you go for it when getting your next tat? Well, you might want to check out these four reasons to know why custom tattoo designs are getting more and more popular in 2022.


1. Custom tattoos tell a unique story


Custom tattooing gives one a window to vent their visions, thoughts, and personalities, which makes the tattoo unique. One can have as many custom tattoos to create a storyline and background. In other words, a custom tattoo becomes an image representation of your life. Isn’t that what we want our tattoos to do? You can tell your unique story through one of the most artistic mediums that are permanently engraved on your body. Custom tattoos are personalized in a way that best illustrates your journey.


2. Makes big-scale designs easier


Tattooing big-scale designs is way easier when done for custom tattoos. And large-scale designs are quite in trend at the moment. So, don’t shy away from large tattoos thinking they aren’t possible. Just make an appointment with a reputable custom tattoo professional and you are good to go. However, such tattoos are not possible with flash tattoo designs. They don’t make flash sheets that big. 


3. Significant meanings


Here’s a reason why we recommend custom tattoos over flash tattoos. The latter might make you think that the tattoo design speaks about your ideas and vision. But in reality, these tattoos are generally someone else’s existing design and the tattoo artist just copies them on your body. The former, however, is a tattoo made from scratch. This gives you an opportunity to make it more meaningful and special to you. Therefore, custom tattoos are perfect for people that wish to share a unique message with the world.


4. An extra special appearance


Lastly, custom tattoos look exceptionally good regardless of the design. You can use as many colors and variations as you want. You may choose different elements and sizes for the tattoo and make the design a slave of your creativity and imagination. Did you know there are customers that collaborate with different illustrators for months to create a perfect custom tattoo design? That’s right; you may have to spend a lot of time with the tattoo artist to give your custom tattoo a splendid look. You can even hire multiple artists to create different variations before choosing one to get permanently inked. 


Check out this amazing design by Crona.


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Custom tattoo designs are quite fascinating, aren’t they? Such tattoo designs keep giving this centuries-old art form new meanings. The best thing about custom tattoo designs is that they keep us attached to our fashion, cultures, and beliefs. But, you must not get complacent when getting a custom tattoo design. Make sure you use Freehand to hire a professional custom tattoo design artist that understands what you need. 

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