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Top 10 Creative Tattoo Design Ideas for Women in 2022!

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Wondering what feminine tattoo design will look good on your body? Check out this incredible list of women's tattoo designs that will help decide your next ink.

It’s always good to have options, isn’t it? That’s one big reason why we came up with the idea of shortlisting some of the best tattoos ideas for women. Tattoos are always in trend as these have special meaning and reflect peculiar sides of our personalities. But, it’s quite overwhelming to find the right tattoo design for your next ink. Not just that, finding the right placement for the ink is quite a daunting task too. Don’t sweat it. We have an awesome guide that will help you get acquainted with some of the best tattoos ideas for women in 2022! Let’s get right into it, shall we?


1. Watercolor tattoos

Check out this amazing watercolor tattoo design by Tayisa! Gone are the days when people had to go for black inks only. Want more colors on your tat? Choose watercolor tattoos! Best suited for the daring, watercolor tattoos are relatively new and quickly gaining popularity. They tend to showcase a popular, bold, and vibrant finish to a tattoo and work exceptionally well when coupled with the traditional black ink. A black base gives the watercolor tattoos a more recognizable and secured outline.


2. Scorpion tattoos

Do you have an edgy personality? Reflect your inner strength and intimidation through scorpion tattoos. It’s an excellent choice for people that are inspired by the predatory arachnid, especially by their ability to inflict pain. A scorpion tattoo on your forearms serves as a warning. People will think twice before acting stupid when they are near you. It shows that you demand respect and will do whatever it takes to stay in control. 


3. Heart tattoos

Ever wondered why heart tattoos are so popular among women? Well, the heart is a popular choice because it is recognized as the symbol of love, loss, and heartbreak. It holds a deep meaning for the wearer and hence, makes it an easy choice of tattoo design. The best thing about heart tattoos is that they come in so many designs! You can go for simple hearts, sacred hearts, or just go berserk with the design and add your own touch to it! 


4. Wolf tattoos

Do you consider yourself a lone wolf? Does your sense of self-belief overpower the challenges life throws at you? Then go for Wolf Tattoos. These tattoos reflect your inner strength and ability to stay loyal. Wolves are beautiful animals that symbolize family and power in unity. It keeps reminding you of your loved ones and encourage you to stay true to your culture.


5. Compass tattoos

Finally, something for the traveler in you! Are you a passionate backpacker that loves to live life on the edge? Go for compass tattoos! These tattoo designs date back to sailors and are believed to have helped lost sailors navigate and get back to shore. Compass tattoos reflect guidance and protection. Such tattoo designs will help you cherish the times when you successfully got out of trouble or rough patches in life.


6. Clock tattoos

Time waits for nobody. But time-inspired tattoo designs can! Clock tattoos are here to stay as they represent the balance between life and death. You can ink clock tattoos and still make them unique to your personality. You may add flowers, birds, trees, or water to honor life and the living. Do you have a darker side? Then go ahead and add skulls or fire to your tattoo design!


7. Henna tattoos

This is something unique if you prefer going traditional, especially like women in Morocco, Egypt, and India. Henna tattoos are for people that aren’t ready for a long-term commitment to a tattoo design. If temporary is what you seek, a henna tattoo is your answer. These tattoos are essentially plant-based dyes and come in various shades like red, orange, brown, and blue-black.


8. Cross tattoos

Cross tattoos are for the ones with simple taste. These can be simply two lines or two sentences intersecting. Indeed, you can get more creative and surround the cross with attractive elements, like flowers. But, a cross tattoo should not wave away from its religious background. 


9. Minimalist tattoos

Whoever said that body art needs to be extremely detailed had no clue about what body art truly means. For instance, minimalist tattoos have become a major trend among tattoo enthusiasts. Minimalist tattoos perfect the combination of black lines, minimal colors, and simplified designs. Most minimalist tattoos you’ll come across are devoid of shading and other embellishments. 


10. Japanese tattoos

Japanese tattoos are extremely expressive and often include animals, flowers, culture, tradition, and folklore. These generally represent the Japanese culture, more importantly, the mythical beings. What makes Japanese tattoos stand out is the exciting and eye-catching combination of colors and shading that alter the meaning of your tat. 


11. Moon tattoos (Bonus)

Are you looking for a tattoo design that represents transition and growth? Go for moon tattoos. These are associated with the Earth’s natural satellite and reflect the magic and mystery surrounding its different phases - the half-moon and full moon. The crescent in a moon tattoo shows change and creativity. Couple your moon tattoo with the sun and it perfectly depicts the idea of two opposing forces.


Final remarks!

Did you find the right tattoo design? We hope you did. If you didn’t, don’t make a hasty decision and walk into a tattoo salon without any homework. Take your time and do your due diligence to know which tattoo design suits you. After all, you want it to look perfect on your body and stay there forever. Feel free to check out some of the artists available to hire on our website. They will be happy to draw your custom tattoo idea.

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