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Best Creative Tattoo Designs for Every Zodiac Sign!

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Waiting for inspiration to perfect your next tat? We have got you covered. How about representing your zodiac sign with its constellation and symbol? Zodiac-inspired tattoos are quite in at the moment as you get to adorn your body with meaningful symbols related to your life! The best thing about zodiac tattoos is that they look awesome on anyone. Why? It’s because there are myriad ways to turn astrology into body art.


“Zodiac tattoos are unique, meaningful, and truly represent your personality.”


Each astrological sign consists of an animal or a symbol and a constellation that can be used to develop a tattoo design. You may choose one of them or combine the three to create one cohesive work of art. Moreover, the signs represent four natural elements, i.e., fire, water, air, and earth. Combining such ideas can help develop excellent tattoo imagery. In this post, we will share tattoo design ideas inspired by zodiac signs. So, let’s get started!




Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is represented using a V-shaped symbol with curved tips. Most Aries tattoos also have a ram. An Aries tattoo designed by Isabella Almaleh shows how beautifully one can add a ram, a crescent moon, and slender leaves around the tattoo. The use of red ink depicts fire - a natural element.

People that want something cute and cuddly can go for a rabbit tattoo as well. This tattoo designed by Phryn Hosler is one of the several rabbit tattoos designed for each zodiac sign. Check out how the Holser represented the ram through the curly horns and hooves and added the Aries symbol too! Such tattoos are excessively adorable, aren’t they?





How does the Taurus sign look? It usually has a circle with a wavy curve line bordering the top of it, isn’t it? We suggest you go for the constellation as it gives the tattoo a more complete look and feel. Taurus is a zodiac sign with a bull as its animal. Check out this tattoo designed by Marissa Monroe. The tattoo is essentially cartoon-like, giving the bull a caricature look.

We have also found people that prefer to keep the design simple. In this case, they go for the symbol design as it is quite simple to design and looks classy enough. Check out this simple Taurus tattoo design on the Instagram page @i_guessits_art. The tattoo looks so minimal and has a hand-drawn feel to it. The tattoo placement is on point too! 





Enough with the bad rep on social media! Let’s get that Gemini tattoo on, shall we? Gemini-themed tattoos have a design of their own. A pair of twins and column-shaped symbols are enough for an artist to design a breathtaking zodiac tattoo. Here is a tattoo where the artist drew a mirrored image representing the twins. Check out the extraordinary details on the tat! The twins are surrounded by a garland of several flowers and leaves.

Gemini tattoos can use any figure or pair with two identical elements. This gives the artist freedom to get creative beyond personal meaning and attachment. What about this pair of snakes tattooed by @pintabykim? Isn’t it an excellent conversation starter? Let us know what you think.





Cancer is a zodiac sign that has immense tattoo design potential. The sun sign is represented by a crab, a sea animal. Besides that, it has a symbol that looks like the numbers six and nine placed next to each other. Here’s an exhilarating Cancer tattoo design by Sophie C’est La Vie. The artist has perfectly used the blue hues and the crustacean with swirls of cobalt and pastel. The large crab is an excellent piece of art, isn’t it?

Sometimes such large tattoos become quite intimidating for people. If you can relate, we suggest you go for simple Cancer tattoos that have a minimalistic look and design. Here’s how you can use the number six and nine to create a simple personal tattoo.





Are you a Leo? Oh! We can feel the pride! Proudly represented by a lion, Leos have a wide array of tattoo designs to choose from. People mostly go for the zodiac sign animal as it represents a jungle ruler or lone survivor. Here’s a tattoo design by @moon_rabbit_tattoo that accentuates geometric line art, creating the base of the lion. 

How about a Leo constellation for your next tattoo? It is a creative spot that you’d love to try, especially on a flat surface like chest or shoulder. You can go for the traditional constellation tattoo that has black stars - a celestial but decorative design.





Virgos are proud as they have the most unique constellation in the series. The constellation tattoos are quite popular among Virgos, as it reflects the innate power they possess. Here’s a constellation tattoo that has stars instead of black dots with several personal elements. Don’t you love how the design feels so intimate?

Lauren Smith, a United Kingdom-based tattoo artist, created a constellation tattoo using flowers and vines. You may or may not add the budding florals, but it looks superb to us.





Libra has an upside-down horseshoe symbol. It is also one of the zodiac signs that do not have an animal as its symbol. Instead, it is represented by scales that symbolize balance. Jay Harris, an Ohio-based tattoo artist, went all the way to create this beautiful ink focused on the horseshoe symbol. The combination of shamrock-green leaves, yellow and pink hues, and several flowers breathe life into this tattoo design.

Or you can go with the scales! Here’s a tattoo with a grotesque twist and a realistic-looking human brain and human heart. The tattoo symbolizes the balance man should have between logic and emotion.





Represented by the venomous arachnid, Scorpio is a zodiac sign that generally designs the boldest tattoos. Check out this example where the artist went for a large Scorpion on the back.

Don’t want the scorpion on your back? Go for the simple Scorpio constellation! Here’s a tattoo that has tiny dots and stars creating the shape of the constellation. The combination makes the star sign easily recognizable.





Sagittarians, assemble! Often represented by the archer, Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that can be used to create tattoo designs with any bow-and-arrow imagery. Check out this exotic cross between snake and crossbow.

How about a curly-haired baby with a heart-shaped bow-and-arrow standing above a rose? We love this tattoo design because the figure is quite neat, and the design has several tiny elements that give it a complete look.






Are you a Capricorn with a simple taste? We have a simple tattoo design that takes minimalism to a whole new level. You can get the zodiac symbol tattooed anywhere but make sure the design is small. Check out this tattoo where the design is nothing but one thin line! This is as modern as a tattoo can get.

Or you may go for the Capricorn goat. The animal symbol gives creative freedom to the artist. As a result, you will get a design that is entirely unique and customizable.






Aquarius is represented by two short parallel zig-zag lines that can be easily transformed into beautiful body art. Such zodiac tattoos use the water bearer, often in a colorful version. Check out this magnificent tattoo design by Dishy, where the mermaid’s scale reflects a sparkling vibrance with stars, leaves, and water.

Here is another example of Aquarius tattoos where the artist went ahead with the zodiac constellation.





The last of the zodiac signs is Pisces. Its symbol looks like two Cs that are placed in opposite directions. Then there’s a line running between the Cs. Here’s a tattoo where the artist used the two fish and added flowing details to the tiny scales. Check out the bubbles and water sign symbol in the middle of the animals!

Here’s another example where the artist went with the fish. Only this time, the tattoo is colorful with the constellation in the back.



If you are thinking about getting your own zodiac themed tattoo design then look no further than the website you are reading this on. You can explore hundreds of artists that are avaialble to hire right now. They will turn your idea into a real custom tattoo design that you can take to a tattooist in real life. The more personal and specific your idea is, the better! Browse here

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