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Natasha Kudashkina

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Natasha Kudashkina was born and raised in Siberia, Russia. As a child, she was identified as having unique talent and entered into an educational stream focused on art scholarship. Natasha is a complete artist, equally comfortable on skin, canvas, screen and concrete. Her work is inspired by human and natural beauty, and is overflowing with fantastical imagery and the stuff of dreams. In her view, it is this space, and its hidden meanings, that unites all people.  Her images are a portal into our mind's eye, and through it, the visceral world of emotions, thoughts, aspirations and hopes. Proving the world as a potential canvas, her art takes the familiar and transforms it into something fantastic, more alive. Her style is vibrant, colourful, and dynamic. From a deep commitment to art’s potential to soothe, enliven and heal, her themes are overwhelmingly positive. They focus on love, nature, beauty, community, the threads that tie the country she left and the one she found. With a seemingly insatiable drive to create, she paints or draws every day, conjuring worlds vivid and new, where the standard rules of physics, shape and colour need not apply, where anything is possible. Natasha’s love for art has taken her around the globe, and she shares her passion for it with joy, happiness and pride.