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Custom Tattoo Design

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by N. Stronks

Delivery time: 21 days

Hello there, i will design your next tattoo or Maybe tattoo wall art,who knows. i will design a tattoo for you if you Give me The details. We’ll discuss the possibilities and get to a great finished product. I’ll be contacting you throughout the design and sketching process, so we can make adjustments in the process, keeping things flowing. My style is neotraditional, new school and geometric dotwork. But I will try to design in all styles, if needed, to the best of my abilities. I have done oldschool, trash polka, blackwork and realism. the finished product will be Send to you in A4 format, a jpeg or png. I work in procreate, as soon as The design is done and send, it’s up to you what you want to do with it. Get it tattooed, Print and frame it, hang it on the wall. Everything is possible. think about it. I would love to connect with you and get some creative brainstorming going. cheers.


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